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  • Feds Indict Former Managing Partner Nathan Hardwick IV for $20M Embezzlement From His Now-Bankrupt Firm Morris Hardwick Schneider
    Nathan Hardwick IV, the former managing partner of Morris Hardwick Schneider, has been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, bank fraud and making false statements in connection with his alleged embezzlement of more than $20 million from the residential real estate closing firm's escrow and operating accounts, and those of its affiliated title agency, LandCastle Title.
  • The Am Law 100, the Early Numbers: Debevoise Sees Double-Digit Profit Growth
    Profits per partner were up nearly 11 percent at the firm, which also saw a healthy increase in revenues.
  • Client Sues Quinn Over Billing Practices
    Complaint says firm charged higher hourly fees than it had agreed to when it undertook the defense of a white collar case.
  • When a Founder Talks (or Acts) Out of School
    Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates set tongues wagging in the tech world and beyond on Monday when he seemingly broke rank with the company he created as well as most of Silicon Valley on a major digital privacy issue.
  • Supreme Court Apt to Tinker With Patent Damages
    During arguments Tuesday in a pair of cases on willful infringement, Justice Stephen Breyer fretted that easing the standard could advantage large companies such as Google or Yahoo.
  • Tax Appeals Process

    Assessors are required to follow various procedural guidelines when formulating a property’s assessment.  It is Kickham Hanley’s task to ensure that the guidelines are followed properly and that your assessments truly reflects the market value of your property.

    Whether you own an apartment, office or industrial building, shopping center, golf course or vacant land, it is imperative that your assessments are scrutinized carefully.  Taxes are a significant portion of your operating expenses and should be reviewed on an annualized basis.  You will receive your annual assessments in the “Assessment Notice.”  When reviewing your assessment, it is important to also review your operating statement, rent roll and comparable properties (if available).  If, after reviewing your assessment, you believe a reduction is warranted, a formal petition will need to be prepared on your behalf and filed with the Michigan Tax Tribunal (“Tribunal”) to challenge the assessments for the tax year in question.  You have until May 31 to file your petition with the Tribunal.

    What is required of you during the challenge of the assessment?  You may be responsible for acquiring an appraisal.  An appraisal for purposes of tax appeal differs from a more typical financial appraisal.  Although a financial appraisal is reflective of value, an appraisal for assessment challenges requires that the documents purpose, authorized user and timing components are abided by.  You may be requested to produce information about the property which may include, but is not limited to, purchase agreements, income statements and construction costs.

    Once the petition has been filed, the local municipality will make discovery requests of information regarding the subject property.  If, during the discovery period, a settlement is not reached, your challenge will proceed to trial.  The trial will allow the parties to enter evidence before the Tribunal substantiating their opinion of the property’s market value.  The Tribunal judge will ultimately decide the value of your property.

     KH has successfully reduced the assessments of apartment buildings, golf courses, industrial properties, condominium projects and shopping centers.  Although many challenges are often settled through negotiations, there are occasions which require a trial before the Tribunal.  KH also has appealed the Tribunal’s decisions to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

     KH is committed to making certain that your assessments coincide with the true cash value of your property and that any overpayment resulting from an over assessment is refunded to you.